• Multi Dwelling Units (Condos, Apartments, Townhomes, Hotels), Digital Feed Services, Video, Voice & Data, Property Wide Wireless Services
  • Access Control,	CCTV & IP Camera Systems, Burglar Alarm Systems, Fire Alarm Systems
  • Server & Workstation Build & Support, Data Center Services, Web Hosting, Cloud Computing, Colocation Services, Network Operations Center, 24/7 Call Center
  • Infrastructure New-Builds & Remodels, 			Apparel Retailers, Supermarkets and Hypermarkets, Warehouses and Superstores, Electronics Stores
  • Infrastructure New-Builds & Remodels, 			Apparel Retailers, Supermarkets and Hypermarkets, Warehouses and Superstores, Electronics Stores
Infrastructure Design & Build Total Solutions.  
Retail Infrastructure.  
You know your client, we know how to build out your next retail location on time and on budget. Whether it's a single location or a chain of retail destinations, we have the capability to complete your project today. One storefront or multi-site retail our team is with you from ground breaking to grand opening.
Commercial Infrastructure. 
We offer innovative solutions for a wide range of commercial needs, from warehouses to office buildings to hotels to hospitals & schools. Our team can take your project from concept phase to final completed structure. Our high standards and commitment to excellence during every step of the process ensures a successful outcome that's on time and on budget.
IT Headaches? 
Our years of experience enable us to take straightforward approach to solving our clients' most complex business challenges. We consultants work hand-in-hand with clients to improve business performance, maximize IT investment value, and create competitive advantage. We offer a wide range of expertise, including enterprise network design, business application outsourcing, and technology integration. We are determined to make your business run better in the most precise, sensible ways possible.
Multi - Unit, Community WiFi. 
Condos, Townhomes, Retirement Villages - any Multi-Unit community can now have dependable, high speed wireless connectivity. With the maturing of industry standards and the deployment of lightweight wireless networking hardware across a broad market section, wireless technology has come of age. We can design and supply the devices needed to create a solid wireless infrastructure that will keep wired and wireless users working together while keeping your network secure from outside intruders.
We Have Cabling Covered. 
We offer a full variety of cabling services including design, installation, certification, and repair for both voice and data applications. We understands that the installation of modern high speed data transfer cable requires highly trained personnel whose expertise, experience and knowledge is unquestionable. Our installers utilizes a broad offering of UTP, STP, fiber optic cabling as well as certified connectors, patch panels, routers and switches to meet your premise wiring needs. .
Hotels & Resorts. 
Today's competitive business environment demands that you operate at peak efficiency, there is no room for duplicating efforts or wasting time. Our Certified Engineers design solutions that incorporate current and future needs to help you make the most of your time and resources.
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