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The Server platform you select is vital to your company, today and in the future. Expandability, scalability, operating system capability, processor support, responsiveness, the number of users supported, e-business needs, the list of capabilities is endless.

We can help you identify all your needs, address your concerns and fit you with the best solution to meet those needs.
The integration of telephone services into the data network has the potential to drive major changes in institutions by delivering information more efficiently than today's dual-network approach.

A converged voice, video and data network improves customer care capabilities, increases employee productivity, and enhances corporate agility. We can provide an entire IP telephone solution to fit your requirements.
As corporations continually expand their mission-critical networks with new, Intranet, extranet, and e-commerce applications, network security technologies are becoming increasingly vital in preventing corruption and intrusion, and eliminating network security vulnerabilities. Without precautions, corporations could experience major security breaches, resulting in serious damages or loss.

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) use advanced encryption and tunneling to permit organizations to establish secure, end-to-end, private network connections.
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Are you in the process of building your wireless solution or just needing to connect to it? Either way, we can provide a one-stop shop for both. Connecting and routing voice, data and multimedia traffic through your network is essential to survival. We can assist you with your switching and routing needs from the workgroup to the wiring closet to the data center. New cost-effective and high-quality products support videoconferencing, and a range of video management functions, while enabling a broad spectrum of business applications that include training, corporate communications, collaborative meetings, and distance learning. A complete network management plan includes monitoring for faults, caching to conserve bandwidth, backups, and capacity planning. Let NetCom and our partners put a complete solution together for you.
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